Our Programs and Services
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Our Programs and Services

What we're good at
Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes in the Iyengar style focus on the complete and balanced awareness of body, mind and spirit. The practices of asana, pranayama which are the progressive paths of yoga, not only help keep health in a perfect subjective state, but also keep the candle of inner light and life shining in harmony with the outer creation of beauty. The class teaches you when to practice what.

All Setu classes are recommended for students of any level. The class distinctions (see below) refer to the level of instructor and not necessarily the level of the student.  Setu Yoga practice is effective for restoration–to assist in physical rehabilitation or mental relaxation.

Private Sessions

For those who want to have one-on-one attention or those who have injuries that require special care. In the private session, the hour is spent entirely on you. Expertly trained and experienced instructor will detect the cause of the pain and help you create a plan to heal. People with neck pain, headaches, migraines, low back pain, sciatica and many more common limitations have found success in healing through the one-on-one approach that a private brings.

Workshops & Events

Although workshops are offered as a part of the teacher training program, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Designed and led by our senior instructor, Mahyar Raz, these workshops are excellent ways to enhance your knowledge of yoga foundations, to improve your expression of postures, and to practice control, alignment and modifications.

Schedules may change, typically, every year we offer workshops focused on the following topics: detox, backbends, balancing poses, forward bends, inversions, standing poses, and twists.

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Teacher Training

The Setu Yoga Studio Teacher Training is a meticulous two-year program that includes weekly classes, workshops, teaching skills, and much more. The teacher training program is designed to prepare students to be able to safely share their knowledge and passion to others. It focuses on active learning by having students take part in explaining relevant issues to class members both verbally and in writing, which increases confidence and preparation to teach. This is a very hands on and interactive teacher training program that can further your own practice.

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Class Descriptions

Class Cycles


These asanas remove stiffness in the body, relive backaches, tone legs and arm muscles,  and help to develop chest muscles.


These poses work on the dorsal and lumbar region of the spine, bring a fresh supply of blood to the organs in the abdominal area.


These asanas increase flexibility and help tune the liver, kidneys, spleen and the digestive system.


Backbend poses, in general, help strengthen the legs and the core. They remove stiffness in the shoulders and correct minor deformities in the legs. In these asanas, the diaphragm is lifted up to give a gentle ‘massage’ to the heart and to the abdominal organs.


Soothes the nerves, gives endurance, and tones the entire system. Pranayama aerates the lungs, removes phlegm clears the sinuses, gives endurance, and aids with digestive power.