FAQ & Answers
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FAQ & Answers

Where are you located?

You can find us at  Unit 103, 1201 Dundas Street East (SE corner of Dundas street East and Carlaw Avenue). You enter the studio through The Raspberry Café. Please first check-in with the friendly barista, and then proceed to the change rooms and yoga studio which is in the back.

Why the Café you ask? Because who doesn’t want a coffee or a cookie after a yoga class!

What if I’m new to yoga?

Perfect! That means you are going to establish a correct and enabling foundation for yoga.  At Setu Yoga Studio, we have students of all levels, from beginners to long-time practitioners. Check out the class schedule and come to a class that is appropriate for your level of experience. Do let our instructors know if you are joining us for the first time.

What should I wear/bring?

Wear something you’ll be comfortable that allows you to move freely, yet won’t accidentally flash your fellow students when you’re in a downward dog. Our classes are never heated (i.e., we are not Hot Yoga); so breathable t-shirts, shorts, leggings are all fine!


For our newbies, there are no socks or shoes in yoga.

We suggest that you bring a towel and a water bottle to practice. We provide mats, blocks, and all of the props you need, so no need to bring any from home. Props for use during at home practice are available for purchase, just contact the front desk.

Are there Studio Etiquettes I should be aware of?

  • For your first time, please arrive up to 20 minutes prior to the desired class start time to allow our front desk staff to complete registration with you.
  • Please be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class start times to allow for sufficient time to sign in, get changed, and settle before class.
  • As you enter the studio space, be sure to remove your shoes so we maintain studio cleanliness (we provide containers for you to store them in).
  • Our change-rooms are equipped with lockers with customizable passcodes that are complimentary for all students.
  • Please be sure to silence cell phones and refrain from using heavily scented fragrances within the studio space.
  • Our students enjoy interacting and socializing; we enjoy that as well. You will notice, however, once the class begins, everyone’s attention and respect is given to the class — a beautiful calm and quiet fills the room.

What’s with the ropes, belts and blocks in Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga is about performing poses correctly, so your body gets the maximum benefits of the pose without causing injury. Since every body is built differently with different levels of flexibility and strength, most of us need a bit of assistance at first. That’s where the blocks, ropes, mats and blankets come in.

Om? Chant?

At the beginning of each class, we Om. Om is a very simple sound with complex meaning. Representing the union of mind, body, and spirit—that is the heart of yoga—Om is the whole universe coalesced into a single word. Chanted three times at the start of session, the sound of om is actually three syllables – a, u, and m.


Changing Om is remembering the sound vibration, along with a deep feeling, for the meaning of what it represents. It brings both the realization of the individual Self and the removal of obstacles that normally block that realization.



After Om, you are welcome to join us chanting an invocation to Pantanjali, the person credited with first codifying yoga practices into The Yoga Sutras. To see the text and its meaning, click here.

What about Prenatal Yoga?

Yoga is a perfect avenue to create space and find release during your pregnancy. Through pose modification, controlled breathing, and meditation, prenatal yoga can address physical and mental challenges inherent to pregnancies such as shifted centre of gravity, back pain, swelling, etc. Iyengar yoga is excellent for targeting aching muscles to build strength in your legs and better prepare you for the labor process. Students at all stages of pregnancy are welcome, join us in our therapeutic yoga class for some relaxation with your little one!

Can I do yoga if I am injured?

Please be sure to always communicate any injuries, chronic concerns, etc. to your instructor prior to beginning the class. If you are just recovering from a severe injury, contact us at the front desk for a consultation and our advanced instructor can discuss with you the best course of action to take. We offer a therapeutics yoga class at Setu Yoga that is led by our advanced instructor, Mahyar Raz who has extensive training in Medical Yoga at the Gupta Yoga Hospital in Lonavia, India. For more personal, advanced, therapeutic consultation, you can also inquire about a private session with Mahyar Raz.

They say Iyengar Yoga is tough, hard, and … Are you?

To enjoy all the benefits of yoga without imposing risks of injuries, Iyengar Yoga is careful and mindful. It is precise and focuses on ‘correct’ performance of the poses. All our instructors are rigorously trained to conduct yoga classes that benefits everyone–at all levels–while mindfully guiding every individual student to perform to his or her best abilities.


Our classes are not unnecessarily soft or fluffy; they are light and intend to make you feel lighter. Our instructors are not unnecessarily demanding; they are encouraging and very understanding.

If I am interested, when should I sign up for Teacher Training?

The Setu Yoga Studio Teacher Training semester commences in September and continues through to May. You can find out more about our curriculum any time through our website or sending us an email. Applications for teacher training are accepted and reviewed until mid-August prior to the start of the semester in September.